Kid-friendly Restaurants in Tinley Park

I posed the question online, “Which restaurants in Tinley Park are kid-friendly?” An unanimously it was “everywhere is kid friendly.” That’s a good sign for any town. But these are the most popular, so here is the list:

My family’s go-tos are Frankie’s Ristorante and Tokyo Steakhouse. At Frankie’s the brother and sister owners are so sweet that if they see you have a little baby under the age of two, they will invariably ask if you’d like them to give the baby a tour of the restaurant and carry them around so you and your spouse can enjoy some dinner. At Tokyo Steakhouse the hibachi table is your friend, keeps kids entertained; and the servers are so sweet. Ask for Sophie, she’s especially accomodating.

If there’s a restaurant that I have missed, leave a comment below or contact me.


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