Discover The Chicago South Suburbs With Me

Being a first time mom, in a new town, far from my family, inspired me to create this blog.

LaGrange RD


Rec Ctr

Statue of fireman


Train Station

Downtown Tinley Aerial



Convention Center

Another Aerial of Tinley Neighborhood

Outside Wyman's Framing

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

If you're new to the Chicago South Suburbs (or the Southland as we call it down here), let me save you time.

It can be overwhelming trying to get familiar with a new town. Finding out where to go and where to get things. I didn't know anybody when I moved down to Tinley, except my husband and in-laws. It took time to learn the lay of the land. So I created this blog to help other new moms to the area have an easier first year or two here in the Chicago South Suburbs.

But this is also like me sharing my journal, so you’ll discover knowledge and resources I stumble upon that may help you too.

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