Who Is Tinley Park Mom?

Making friends in a new town can be a challenge and I wanted to address that intrinsic need to belong for Tinley Park moms.

Stephanie Is The Founder Of The Tinley Park Mom Blog Site And Is Co-Owner Of Geoffresh Headquartered In Tinley

My name is Stephanie Pyrzynski (née Jevtić). Pronouncing my last name Pyrzynski: [Purr-zin-ski] looks hard to say but it’s not.

I was a well-traveled Chicago north-sider who like most Millennials ended up working in the Loop, in one of those tall skyscrapers off Lake Michigan, chasing a fast-paced professional existence, aspiring to one day be a CEO of a major digital agency.

“When I met my husband in college, I had no idea where Tinley Park was.”

Today, I’m going on eight years as a co-owner of my own digital marketing agency (which I oversee with my husband), I’ve lived in Tinley Park for over eight years now (chasing the simple, fulfilling life), and we just had our first child in March of 2018.

What’s Tinley Park Mom All About?

Tinley Park Mom was created out of a desire to help women like me connect with each other, better and faster. Being a first time mom, in a new town, far from my family, inspired me to create this blog.

Making friends in a new town can be a challenge and I wanted to address that intrinsic need to belong for Tinley Park moms aswell.

Also, the Village of Tinley Park has so much to offer. It really is a gem in the southwest suburbs, it only needs someone to help promote life out here. So I thought, why not me? Why not share my unique experiences as a new mom in a new suburb?

I know for me I wanted my daughter to be able to rely on me for answers to “where should we go today?” And now, I know Tinley Park and the Chicago South Suburbs better than my husband who grew up here.

Since I started the Tinley Park Mom blog in May 2018, it’s gone beyond just being a resource for all things Tinley Park. It’s become a way to chronicle what’s going on in the world from a mom’s perspective, an informative resource that saves moms time finding the answers to common and uncommon subjects, and probably most important of all—this blog is a source for laughs and inspiration. It’s my open book, enjoy!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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