About Me

When I met my husband back in college, I had no idea where Tinley Park was.

I was a well-traveled Chicago north-sider who like most Millennials ended up working in the Loop, in one of those tall buildings near Lake Michigan, chasing a fast-paced professional existence, aspiring to one day be a CEO of a major digital agency.

Today, I’m going on five years as a co-owner of my own digital marketing agency, which I oversee with my husband; been living in Tinley Park for over four years now, chasing the simple, fulfilling life; and we just had our first child in March (2018).

What’s Tinley Park Mom All About?

Tinley Park Mom was created out of a desire to help women like me better connect with each other.

Making friends in a new town can be a challenge and I wanted to address that intrinsic need to belong for Tinley Park moms.

Also, the Village of Tinley Park has so much to offer. It really is a gem in the southwest suburbs, it only needs someone to help promote life out here. So I thought, why not me? Why not share my unique experiences as a new mom in a new suburb? In the process I’ve created a one-stop resource that helps visitors and Tinley Park residents discover local food spots, businesses, shops, doctors, events, you name it.

Even if this completely fails, I want to give this a try. You never know unless you try.











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