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Launched in the fall of 2014, Mommikin is a site devoted to inspiring creative moms. From stay-at-home moms to moms working in a corporate setting, the site provides resources for both professional and personal life, but more importantly Mommikin facilitates a community where moms from different industries and backgrounds can share work and learn from one another.

Each week the accomplishments of a mom are higlighted in a featured interview and for the week of Valentine’s Day they wanted to do a story on me.

Although I haven’t delivered my baby girl just yet, I am a mom, and what they found perfect for Valentine’s Day was how I am a female business owner whose business partner is also her husband. Although couples who work together are becoming less uncommon, they are still regarded as a little unusual.

Mommikin’s interview with me covers how I became a business owner, challenges of being a business owner, how I balance my work and personal life with my husband, how I’m preparing for motherhood, and more. I hope it inspires women of all ages to take chances and give running their own business a chance. After all, you never know unless you try.





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