Resident Jim Doyle, a self-described occasional singer, shared a song he collaborated on with his son entitled, ‘My Village: Tinley Park Illinois.’ Doyle wrote and sings the lyrics, while his son created the music.

“I was inspired by Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ and ‘My Kind of Town, Chicago’ songs, along with HSAS’ ‘My Hometown.'”

Jim Doyle

Lyrics like “I want to be a part of it, Tinley Park” harken back to Ol’ Blue Eyes, but it’s the spirit of Tinley that Jim imbues throughout that makes the song its own.

A graduate of Illinois State University and Tinley’s Andrew High School, Doyle is a longtime resident who loves his town, and that is an asset when a town’s people sing its praises.

Not The First Song About Tinley Park

It may suprise many to know that there was another song, by the famous rock band Phish, that paid homage to Tinley, entitled: Tinley Park Jam. While the Village of Tinley Park isn’t well known, compared to other second cities like say Newark, Compton, or even Dubuque, it’s trying to change that. And it’s especially à propos that a resident would come up with the song given the Village’s push for their rebrand as a music town. It might actually be a great idea to have a town theme song—and I know just who should be consulted: ?looking at you Jim.

Check out the Doyle’s song on Soundcloud at this link:


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