May 14th was the day the 2021 Benches on the Avenue came out on display all along Oak Park Avenue. Check out our family’s favorites, or the ones that captured our eyes the most. This year’s theme is Music Albums, totally on brand for the Village of Tinley Park.

This year’s benches pay tribute to some of the most iconic and memorable album covers of all time! The benches feature unique, kid-and family-friendly, imaginative and three-dimensional designs that take visitors on an “Album Cover Tour” through all genres and eras of music.

Tip for parents: if going when it’s very hot and sunny, cool off under the trees above the Madonna, Prince, and Yellow Submarine benches 😉.

To learn about each and every bench, click here to access the digital booklet guide to all the 2021 Benches on the Avenue from the Village of Tinley Park.

And if you would love to participate by designing a bench next year, you should apply! The theme for each year is revealed at the end of the previous year, so keep your eyes out late this fall or in the earl part of the new year. Check out one of the sketches submitted by the artists of the Chance the Rapper bench artists, Gabrielle Ciuteikis and Jacob Diaz:

For more information about how to participate next year, contact Joanne Carroll at (708) 444-5031 or [email protected].

Learn more about the Benches on the Avenue public art program on the Village website at here:


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