UPDATE: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 I received new information from the Village and unfortunately 2021 will not be considered the first Taste of Tinley due to there not being enough food and drink vendors to call the Block Party’s Taste of Tinley a true “Taste.”

For some background—the Taste of Tinley was meant to be a new feature within of the Village’s annual Block Party that takes place every summer. It’s a clever idea that I think will be fun. Who doesn’t love alliteration (T in Taste, T in Tinley)?

The Block Party will still have food and beverage vendors, but limited menus this year.

I’m sure things will get better for businesses and there will be more able to join the Block Party next summer. And hopefully the Taste of Tinley name will be used and stay for many years to come. After all, who says you can only get great food only in Chicago?

“The Taste” is synonymous with the Taste of Chicago, which I think is the most if not one of the famous food and drink festival. It’s become apart of the American or at the very least Midwestern lexicon and zeitgeist. When you read or hear the word Taste in an event, you know what it’s about and it gets you excited. Who doesn’t love a smorgasbord type set up where you can try different cuisines but not rip the seems of your clothes? And the added bonus of meeting new people, and neighbors even, is more craved and important than ever after the last year and a half of quarantine.

Remember, the Block Party is scheduled for tomorrow: Sunday, July 18 starting at noon on Oak Park Avenue, in Downtown Tinley Park.


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