On this day in history digging finally started on our forever home, which felt like perfect timing for this Question & Answer.

For those who had been following our Process of Building a House series, you know that we went with a traditional builder. But wouldn’t it have been interesting if we had designed our home virtually? Sort of get to be behind the keyboard of one of those HGTV star’s laptops with the fancy exterior and interior design modeling software, like AutoCad or SketchUp. Not so out-of-reach a dream thanks to Matthew and Jackie Mosher, the founders of Dzinly. A platform that is going to make home design more accessible, and less rigid.

Owning a home, let alone building one, are no where near as affordable as previous generations in America. But Dzinly could be a game changer, by chipping away costs for folks on both sides:

a) for those who want to renovate a home in need of a refresh.

b) for those who want to build but would like to have more control over the design with less stress on their budgets.

In this Q&A with co-founder Jackie Mosher—you’ll learn about Dzinly, advice on how to use it, and a little about Jackie herself. More women are starting businesses than in any time in history, and the stories we share of each other’s successes only furthers the courage to pursue our own unique potential. Enjoy!

Where did you grow up?

“While I’ve lived in various places, including Kentucky and Arizona, I consider Livonia, MI, as where I grew up, as it’s where I spent the majority of my childhood and attended school.”

Where do you call home now?

“A small farm in Clarkston, MI. I have horses, mini donkeys, chickens, cats and dogs. It keeps me super busy, but I love it.”

How many children do you have?

“I have 2 children, a 9-year-old daughter, and a 7-year-old son.”

When did you start to develop a passion for your career?

“My passion for my career truly began to flourish when I recognized the genuine need for the services we were providing. The moment I realized that I could assist clients who felt lost in the process of designing their home exteriors and make a meaningful difference in their lives, the passion for what I do ignited. Helping people find clarity and satisfaction in their design decisions is a deeply fulfilling aspect of my work, and it continues to fuel my enthusiasm and dedication to this day.”

Where did you get your training for architecture and design?

“My expertise has been cultivated through years of experience in the residential housing industry, where exposure to various projects has been an invaluable source of knowledge. With a natural inclination for design and a passion for combining colors, materials, and textures, I found my niche in exterior design, allowing me to apply my skills and creativity effectively.”

As a child, was this something you wanted to be when you grew up?

“I always wanted to be an FBI agent and write novels after I retired.”

How did you go about starting your Dzinly?

“The journey of starting Dzinly began with a clear need. My husband’s clients were struggling with visualizing their projects, and this sparked the idea for a simple tool to address this issue. Over time, that initial concept evolved into something much more substantial. We recognized the potential to offer a valuable service to a broader audience and decided to transform it into what Dzinly is today, a versatile platform that helps people with every aspect of design and implementation.”

Are you actively asking for customer feedback to improve it?

“Yes, customer feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we actively seek it out. We are thrilled to see that the majority of our customer comments reflect high levels of satisfaction – they love how easy and affordable the process is and love the results. We take pride in building our site and processes in-house, but we also recognize that sometimes when you’re deeply involved you may overlook something.  Knowing our customers are happy is not just gratifying but also motivates us. Their insightful perspectives and suggestions also help us ensure that we can continuously evolve and enhance their experience.” 

What’s a blindspot that you think Dzinly has? Any limitations?

“Dzinly’s model opens the door to collaborating with talented designers to see unique ideas on your exact home, quickly and cost-effectively. Some clients know exactly what upgrades they want on their home, whereas others need design advice. While our platform allows clients to provide as much information as they want, a potential limitation arises when clients provide minimal input about their ideas and upgrades. Fortunately, Dzinly’s designer network provides them with inspiration and choices so they can toggle between suggested colors and materials to select the perfect design.”

Who is Dzinly for?

“Dzinly is a versatile platform catering to a wide range of individuals and their home exterior needs. Whether you’re in the early planning stages of a new construction project, considering a complete exterior remodel, or simply looking to make a small but impactful change like updating your front door color, Dzinly is here to assist you. Our goal is to empower anyone seeking to transform any aspect of their home exterior, regardless of the scale of their project.”

Who is Dzinly not for?

“Dzinly is for everyone! Whether you love your existing colors and only require a simple refresh, or you know what you want but would like a high-quality rendering, or if you are totally open to exploring new ideas and seeking inspiration Dzinly can help refine and enhance your ideas or introduce you to innovative design concepts you may not have considered otherwise.”

Walk me through something you do to help your clients with designer’s block (or decision paralysis)?

“At Dzinly, we start by simply asking for some guidance, such as inspirational photos of houses, colors you love, or even photos of what you don’t like. Our experienced designers have seen a wide range of homes and styles, allowing them to make informed recommendations that align with your vision. When clients have a hard time making a decision, our visualization tool plays a key role, allowing them to see how different colors and materials would look on their home, eliminating any guesswork.”

Any advice for prospective Dzinly users, that you have found people don’t ask enough about?

“One great advantage of Dzinly is that a client’s project will never expire, allowing you to plan and refine projects based on your budget, material changes or timeline. You can also have multiple projects underway at the same time.”

What are some future plans you have?

“At Dzinly, we’re experiencing rapid growth. We’re expanding our contractor network to offer a more diverse group of top-notch professionals. We’re also offering an option for contractors to help streamline the process and eliminate frustrations by improving the material selection process and providing a greater contractor-client experience.”

What books, podcasts, articles, etc. do you read/listen to that have influenced the way you approach design?

Staying informed about design trends and the evolving landscape of design is crucial to my approach. I regularly turn to publications like Architectural Digest, Dwell, and Metropolis, among others, to gain insights into innovative design concepts. Podcasts like ‘99% Invisible’ and ‘The DesignBetter Podcast’ have also been invaluable sources for drawing great ideas and inspiration. For instance, I’ve found that ‘99% Invisible’ often sheds light on the hidden aspects of design that can spark creative thinking, while ‘The DesignBetter Podcast’ offers insightful interviews with industry experts who have influenced my approach to design in various ways.

I don’t know if you’ve visited the Chicagoland area before in your travels, but if you have—where is your favorite place (i.e. a restaurant, park, etc.) and why? Ideally in the Chicago Southland.

While I haven’t had the chance to explore the Chicago Southland extensively, I’ve heard wonderful things about the amazing restaurants in the city. I’d love to delve deeper into the culinary scene and discover some favorite spots.

Is there anything else that I haven’t asked you that you would like people to know about you Dzinly?

“We love design and technology and are so proud to help families improve their homes. Our dedicated designers, project managers and technical staff work tirelessly and we all genuinely care about each of our clients, their projects, and successful home renovations.” 

Jackie Mosher is co-founder of Dzinly and a residential exterior architecture & design guru passionate about providing clients with a unique, innovative visual design experience for their homes in a format that saves time & money. Jackie and Dzinly have been featured in MarthaStewart.com, PureWow, Architectural Digest, Family Handyman, The Spruce, HGTV and more.  


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