This month things seemed to still be at a stand still. It was frustrating as we needed to be 100% sure with our brick. We had been told by our selection team that the brick is the first item that needs to be ordered and then things will fall into place from there. Our selection process also slowed down as a member of the team got COVID and we needed to put things on pause. Luckily, he was OK!

Advice For Month Three

Brick Can Be A B*%^h!

The big issue with selecting your brick is that you need to really SEE it on a house that is already built. You can make a selection from the sample board alone, however, the brick can look very different in different conditions (i.e. in rain, in shade, in sun). After looking at many different options, we were very much set on a specific brick. It was regal and smooth.

Sadly, we found out that it was no longer in stock and was in the process of being phased out for another option. We did see the replacement options, but we didn’t like them as much. We were lucky enough to find another home in the area that stuck out to us and its brick was in stock! The brick we chose was a bit different from our original choice, but the patterns add some fun to it. 

Falling into Place: Roof, Gutters, Siding, and More

After we found the right brick, things really started to speed up! Though it wasn’t until the tail end of the month that we were able to make our brick selection, right in that same selection session we started making calls. Everything just seemed to fall into place from there.

The next item was the roof. We saw many different options, but right next to our brick, the mossy green roof made sense. From there the gutters we wanted were no longer in stock, but we had another backup option that, again, just fit right in. The downspouts were next and it made sense to have them match the gutters. 

Lastly was choosing our house siding. We were getting a bit worried that we were moving a bit too fast, so we called it quits after taking a few looks at the options and both coming to the same color: cypress. 

Quick, Quick Slow. When You Know, You Know.

After weeks of no movement, we jumped so quickly into making a total of 5 selections! We were a bit nervous as usually we like to look at items and then walk away to see if we still liked something. However, when you know you know, and these items just made sense. 

There was a bit of a hold up though as just a few of the model numbers didn’t match 100% between the builder’s code and the supplier’s code. Our team wasn’t worried though. We learned that sometimes the builder adds on a few items to the code for internal purposes, but they are double checking just to be extra safe. 

Now onto month four! Stay tuned as we jump into the next level of making more selections next month!


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