Gloves, The Next Big Thing In Safety Style

‪Today I had a random thought— I think the idea came to me because hand washing is one of the precautions against #COVID19 and other contagions. Will wearing cotton gloves become a new fashion accessory, the way masks have become since COVID-19?

Although gloves are not full proof and most people don’t know how to remove gloves to avoid cross contamination, wearing cotton gloves before bed (after applying hand lotion) has always been thing. Recommended by doctors and skin care experts for people with extra dry hands or eczema. Washing hands definitely dries out the hands, and with hand sanitizer and disinfectant becoming de rigeur during quarantine, doing what is regarded as an “old lady beauty routine” could become as typical as brushing your teeth before bed.

Here’s What I See

Imagine your little one showing off a different cool pair of gloves at school every week. Remember how we all used to show off a new pair of light-up shoes, pierced ears, or an outfit that just hit stores? Gloves could be that.

It’s not such a stretch because for a long time wearing gloves used to be a status symbol. Remember that scene in James Cameron’s Titanic (1997), where Rose is looking at the little girl in the tea room, practicing prim and proper etiquette with her little white cotton gloves?

The Tea Room girl was played by Ellie Bensinger by the way.

Michael Jackson tried to make gloves happen (remember the one white glove?), but maybe he was ahead of his time with that fashion statement.

Life is always changing, and fashion is the essence of change. Fashion is how we express ourselves. Heck, it’s not even just a human thing. Animals are all about fashion: attracting a mate, scaring or hiding from predators, intimidating competitors—the list could go on. Fashion is one of the few things that we can still hold on to during a crisis. How you look has been proven to boost our mood, self-esteem, self-confidence, and performance time and again.

There’s so much creativity in mask designs right now that I can totally see awesome ideas put into glove designs. Afterall, living beings have always found a way to adapt and make beautiful things with limited material.

If gloves become a thing, you know who to tell people you heard it from first [wink].


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