This Tinley Park High School graduate, class of 2017 hometown girl is just getting started!

Back in mid May I noticed her at the Tinley Park Art & Garden Market, doing a demonstration it seemed. But no, it was more than that. It was a beautiful community mural, that attendees were encouraged to help with. Participants signed their names in paint, and now that design can be worn by everyone in town! So I had to learn more about this young lady, Gabby Ciuteikis, and she gracefully opened up.

Interview with Gabby Ciuteikis

How did you become chosen as the designer of the 2024 Summer t-shirt for Tinley Park? 

I have created several Benches on the Avenue in the past, along with a few other public art display projects for Tinley Park, which led to this opportunity! The shirt idea came from us wanting to extend the life of the live painting community mural I completed, with the help of some kiddos and parents, during the Art and Garden Market on Saturday, May 11th 2024.

Did someone discover you or refer someone at the village to you? 

Yes! Shout out to Emma (Kresal) and Kelly (Oswald) for trusting the art process!

Was there a request for proposal sent out to artists? 

Not for the shirt! This idea evolved from the original live painting community mural.

How did you come up with the design? 

How deep did your research take you? I incorporated what Tinley Park stands for! Music, entertainment, and of course our lovely train station. As a native Tinley Park’en, my research was more so a refresher of what Tinley Park prides itself in —Music!

How involved was the village with input? 

“The Village had the initial request and encouraged creativity as the process evolved!”

Gabby Ciuteikis, artist of Tinley Park 2024 Summer Design

How would you describe Tinley’s personality as an art subject? 

“I absolutely love Tinley Park, and even more so as an art subject. It has the charm (c’mon our downtown area), yet so much fresh perspective through recent development (Pekoe & Bean – LOVE!).”

Do you think you’ll be asked again to design for Tinley, maybe next summer? It’d be very cool if you are sort of the go-to or resident artist for the town in my opinion. 

“I would love to!”

Are you a lifelong Tinley resident, or new? 


Did you go to school in Tinley? 

“Yes! (Tinley Park High School)”

How did you come to becoming an artist? 

“I have always exercised that creative side in me, what started from doodling, has evolved to paintings, murals, and more!”

Where did you learn to specifically do spray paint art? 

“I learned out of convenience to cover large areas like bigger canvases!”

When did you become involved with Studio W.I.P.? 

“Back in 2020!”

Is street art/spray paint your main or preferred art medium concentration? 

“Spray paint is not my main medium, but definitely a helpful one. Main medium is acrylic paint.”

Spray paint art has been around for a while, but are you seeing a resurgence of it right now? 

“I think the use of spray paint has evolved over time, especially that there are some very impressive spray paint brands to choose from nowadays. I do see it being commonly used not just for murals, but also to prepare canvases, and even experiment with other mediums like pastels.”

Have you been reached out to by neighboring towns to contribute your art? 

“I have done art projects beyond Tinley Park, including Chicago, NYC, and even Long Pond, PA!”

Are people able to purchase the Tinley design from you in a different form? 

“Through the Village or at some summer events!”

What do you have next up in your life? 

“More art and maybe some traveling!”

What are your future plans with your artistry? 

“I’d love to continue exploring the 3D realm, expanding my art from paintings to large scale sculptures.”

Where To Follow Gabby

Where To Buy The Tinley Park 2024 Summer T-Shirts

Come and get your brand-new 2024 summer event T-shirt now for just $5 at Tinley Park Village Hall, 16250 S. Oak Park Ave., and at select events this year!

The shirt design was created by Tinley Park artist Gabby Ciuteikis and features a train driving on a keyboard track, along with this year’s shirt sponsors on the back. Shirts are available in adult-size small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Stop by Village Hall or buy them at this year’s Tinley Park Block Party on July 20 and 21. Shirts also are sold at the Music in the Plaza concerts in Downtown Tinley. See the Village’s Special Events page for more information on these and other upcoming events. Get yours while supplies last!

June, 6, 2024 Press Release from the Village of Tinley Park


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