I’m writing this from our dining room table that has some sand from the El Alambique Beach we visited in Puerto Rico before flying back home.

And I’m feeling reflective but astonishingly not burnt out. Afterall, my husband and I were vacationing with a 22 month old, and you know how that goes.

It’s said that travel can make your child smarter, but it is also said and widely known that it is difficult traveling with young children. We of course anticipated our daughter Eileah being a handful compared to our first vacation with her at 6 months old (on a Disney Cruise as well), but no matter how much you try to prepare every experience as first time parents is a learning experience. We survived and now I would like to share how we survived in a series of articles so that your vacation can be even easier.

1. Pack Smart

One mistake I made was that I overpacked on casual clothes for my daughter. But since she is still small it wasn’t a big loss of space or too much extra weight on her luggage, but I should’ve had her try on clothes to see what still fight because most of those extra clothes she didn’t wear she had outgrown . Also I forgot that on days-at-sea or on port days when you decide not to go ashore you’re always just wearing your bathsuit and cover-up during the day; that means you only need to pack clothes for dinner on those evenings.

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2. Try To Book A Direct Flight

I recommend booking a direct flight or one with a longer layover. Flying down to San Juan, Puerto Rico we could only find a flight that required a stop-over in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While it was nice being able to stretch our legs and grab an extra chocolate milk for our daughter, having your toddler go through the pressure change four times (ascend, descend, ascend, descend) instead of two times (ascend and descend) puts pressure on their little ears, causing the pain that results in screaming and crying on airplanes. Also, less time spent in transit means less chances for a mid-flight tantrum. But if you must book a flight with a connection, I recommend scheduling extra time on the ground between flights, like three hours or more. Time is money, but money well spent is always worth the time spent.

If you have several hours before your flight home and you’re in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I highly recommend visiting Alambique Beach Lounge Bar & Grill. They are right in front of the El Ambique Beach and parents, you will love how generous they are with how much alcohol they mix into their cocktails and other beverages.

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3. Travel With Extended Family

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4. Book Excursions Where Your Toddler Can Interact And Enjoy

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Also, keep an eye out for the final article in this series entitled: What To Expect On A Disney Cruise Along With Tips and Advice (coming soon).


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