This article was generously brought to you by Samantha Pyrzynski who has graciously allowed us to use her image to bring attention to this important subject.

Now you will Olaf.

While living with our puppy, she has really come to appreciate and expect the way we treat her. We consider her like our first daughter, she truly is the heart of our family. And since she was our first “baby”, we tend to spoil her… alot. If you want to improve how you spoil your dog, here are the ways to spoil your dog.

1. Ask For Their Permission —Talk To Your Dog Like A Human

We ask her permission to get her out of bed or take her to her friends house. There might be some times that she might not want to go. We ask her if she would like to sleep in the bed or on the sofa. When we go on walks, we ask, where do you want to go? We trust that she will lead us in the right direction.

Samantha Pyrzynski Lounging With A Little Attitude

2. Wake Your Dog Up Gently And Put A Blanket On Them When The Go To Sleep

When she is getting tired, we tuck her in with her favorite blanket. If the blanket is starting to get dirty (from treat crumbs ETC) then we wash it and then use the special steam cycle on our dryer to get that fluffy, warm feeling on the blanket for her to enjoy. Always ensure that her pillow needs are met and if she chooses you as the pillow, then you can’t move until she allows it or if there is an emergency, then gently slide out but ensure that another pillow is ready for them so they are not disturbed.

Samantha Pyrzynski Snuggly In Her Blankey And Heating Pad
Yes, that is a heating pad on Samantha.

3. Ensure Your Dog’s Food and Water Is To Their Liking

Samantha requires us to hold her bully sticks or treats for her to eat. Once in a while, we make special food (SOJOs – you have to prepare this food with hot water and mixture) for her -like around holidays- so she won’t feel left out. On the water side, give them ice in their water bowl according to their preferences.

4. Play With Your Dog When They Ask, With A Toy Of Their Choosing

Samatha usually is on the lookout for us. Always watching for suspicious characters in the neighborhood to warn us about. Some may say that she is really just looking for squirrels but I say – none of that blasphemy in this house. So when she is off duty, she will let us know when it is time to play. It is our duty to stop what we are doing and play with her. She has her favorite toys, but she does switch them up from time to time. If your dog is getting bored with their current toy selection, take them to the toys store and let them choose a new one.

5. Make Up Songs About Them So They Know Of Their Greatness

Others need to know about your dogs greatness. So make up songs and sing them in their presence and to others so they know of him / her.

Here are some example songs to get you started:


Sammie-kins —Samalama-ding-ding. Whose my girl? who is my cutie pie!?

Hoof — kaHoonit. Come on and get my hoonit. Hoof, kaHoonit. HoofKaHoonit real good!

6. Shower Your Dog With Lots Of Hugs and Kisses

Of course, this is an obvious one. But it needs to be on this list. Designate a time every day to tell them that you love them and shower them with love an affection. Sammie gets hugs and kisses from daddy in the morning, mommy takes the next shift around noon, and our daughter gives her hugs in the evening.

I hope this article has been helpful, if I can be of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact me or Tinley Park Mom for complimentary consultation on how to spoil your dog right.


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