What’s A Virtual Audience Member?

Filmed in front of a live studio audience.

It’s cliché but everyone knows that phrase—Before Coronavirus you got to be a part of a studio audience by buying tickets, winning tickets, or waiting in line (first come, first serve). Since COVID-19 though, people from all over the world have a chance to become virtual audience members on tv shows. It’s like being a part of a big Zoom meeting or webinar essentially. You get to watch the show live from home, and if you’re lucky, the host might pick you to share a little about yourself.

How Do You Become A Virtual Audience Member on The Drew Barrymore Show?

You can become a virtual audience member for free on at this link: https://thedrewbarrymoreshow.15sof.com or look through The Drew Barrymore Show website on your own. Tickets go fast! So be swift. I was able to secure my ticket for today’s Tuesday show 6 days in advance. I didn’t know who the guests were going to be until Sunday night.

What’s Expected Of You?

Be Early And On Time: The Drew Barrymore show tapes from 8:00am CST to 9:00 CST, Monday thru Friday, but they expect you to be logged in half hour in advance (a.k.a. by 7:30am CST).

Have Your Tech Together: You must be on a desktop computer or laptop, using the Chrome internet browser. And you must allow for video and microphone. Throughout the show the camera pans to the big screen with all the virtual audience members’ screens, so this might not be for you if you are very shy or self-conscious.

Pick The Right Place: Set-up in a quiet place and plan to stay for the whole taping. Commercials run from about 1m15 to 2 mins, so you have very little wiggle room for breaks.

Show Up To Show Off: You may appear on the show so make sure to zhuzh it up a little bit. There is a very good chance that your likeness will be shown on a digital wall alongside other audience members, so remember to be watchful, smile and most of all, have fun!!

Be Attentive: Keep your energy high and look for the “Applause” signal which will flash in your browser. They let us know that the audience’s energy influences her in a positive way, so the stronger the clapping and woo-hoos the better.

Make A Sign (Optional): If you have a handmade sign for Drew, she’d love to see it. Just hold it up in your frame. If your significant other/child/coworker would like to be included, they are welcome to join your camera space. The more the merrier!

*At this time, due to high demand, the show is limiting reservations to one ticket per account, per week. Therefore, if you do NOT have the required computer/browser OR have previously registered for multiple episodes, please go back to thedrewbarrymoreshow.15sof.com and log in. Click ” Cancel Reservation” on the episode you can not attend.

What It’s Like Being A Virtual Audience Member On The Drew Barrymore Show

I’ve never been to a TV show taping before actually, but as a huge Drew Barrymore fan I was really excited about the Drew Barrymore Show. This is actually only the second week on the air and that’s very exciting because you’re a part of something in its infancy.

What You See From Your Virtual Seat

At first you’ll see a black screen with a countdown clock doing. Then the SMPTE color bars television test pattern screen will show up, and then you’ll e-meet one of the producers who will communicate with you the audience on what’s going to happen between segments.

If you see the black screen during commercial breaks that’s completely normal. The show will resume shortly. Breaks may be extended but don’t close the session.

It is a lonely experience though if you don’t have anyone with you at home. It was like I was on a Zoom meeting alone, waiting for other attendes to arrive. I wish you could interact with other virtual audience members, but time is very important in show business. The show cannot afford to wait on audience members to settle down every 1.5 minutes between commericials. You will get a glimpse at just how many virtual audience members are online during the show.

The VFF Wall

The VFF (Virtual Friends and Family) wall is what Drew likes to call the digital wall of virtual audience member frames; as I’m sure you could tell it’s a cute nod to the acronym BFF. The wall changes throughout the show, so all virtual audience members get a chance to be on the wall.

Me and Sammie ? made the virtual audience ?‍?wall in the last 6 minutes of the show. You’ll see us in the bottom center frame. Samantha is unmistakable of course. I’ve got a Geoffresh green top. My side pontytail ? is a little homage to Drew’s character Josie in Never Been Kissed (1999) —which coincidentally was filmed in Chicago.

Link to original Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/TheDrewBarrymoreShow/videos/1579483145593745/?__tn__=%2CO

No one knows when COVID-19 will be over yet, but it’s some consolation that virtual opportunities like this have emerged from this home-based lifestyle we must follow. It’s important to find new things to try during quarantine to keep things fresh and your spirits high.

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  1. This is my first time on Drew Barrymore. I’m on tomorrow. I got real lucky as I haven’t been able to secure a ticket since. ?
    I received a laptop for my birthday, but don’t know how to use it, it’s all Microsoft!
    Super Excited ?.

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