Did the last shot of Girl On The Third Floor (2019) bother you, like it did for me? It was so open-ended, and as the real life mother of the little girl in that final scene (played by my then 6 month old daughter Eileah) compelled a little bit more than most viewers to seek some sort of explanation.

Screenshot from a Screenrant article about the movie. Pictured is my daughter Eileah.

Filmed in one of the historic Victorian homes in Frankfort, IL. The ending takes place six months after the possessed main character Don was killed. His wife Liz (played by Trieste Dunn) has since renovated the house and given birth to their baby girl. And the final scene sees Don (played by professional wrestler CM Punk who hails from the neighboring Chicago Southland village of Lockport), looking down at his enfant daughter from a ceiling vent…dropping green marbles into her crib.

The marbles were a device used by the ghosts earlier in the movie which baited Don into all the trouble he got himself into. So presumably Don has taken the place of the original haunter Sarah. Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy confirms this hypothesis, as he wrote (Don) he is “ready to test the next unwitting person who buys the house after his family leaves.”

But my research didn’t turn up much else. Regardless of anything else I wanted to know, can we assume that my daughter’s character be alright when she grows up? Was Don reaching through the grate just to wave, or does he have bad intentions?

To get some closure, I thought why coudn’t I reach out to someone I knew from the set? Who better than the movie’s director Travis Stevens? Here was his interpretation answer:

“I suppose the ending is open to interpretation but MY feeling is his appearance behind the grate is more symbolic, than reality. As long as they stay in the house his presence will have an influence on how Liz’s daughter develops.”

— Travis Stevens, Director

I certainly hope that one indication that this will soon be realized by the baby’s mother is how Liz realized she needed to get Don out of her life for good at the climax of the movie. I know, I know, it’s just a movie, but it’s natural for a mom to feel protective of their child. And at least for me, I’m going to try to remind myself that the baby girl in Girl On The Third Floor will make her mom realize they need to move!

Chime in below with your opinions in the comments section below.

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