Review of Dr. Esmond K. Yen, MD

— March 2, 2018

As of October 27, 2020—Dr. Yen is now a part of Premier Suburban Medical Group and is no longer with DuPage Medical Group.

You know the drill, you’re meeting with every OBGYN at the office and you know that the chances of any of them actually delivering your baby is slim. Working out of the DuPage Medical Group’s Tinley Park office on South LaGrange RD, doctors Agarwal, Risser, Won, and Yen are each unique. but for me Dr. Yen is definitely the stand out.

My First Visit

My first appointment with Dr. Yen was on December 29, 2017. It was the end of the year and he was the last of the four doctors I needed to meet with at the office.

The instant he walked through the door I felt a positive energy. He has such a warm disposition, sunny without being irritating, and a way of telling it like it is without being too negative. For example, unlike his predecessors at the office, Dr. Yen was not worried about my low lying baby. He said babies usually move up and some just take a little extra time to do so, such was the case with my baby. Even if my baby didn’t move up though, Dr. Yen explained what we would do when the time came without being alarmist about it.

Another thing about Dr. Yen that was different from the other doctors was how present he was. He was not in a rush to jump out of the room onto the next patient. And he even called me the following week with my test results rather than have a nurse or other staff member deliver his interpretation. Those little things really make a difference to a patient.

Suffice it to say, I knew my search was over and that I would stick with Dr. Yen as the main OBGYN I would see during this pregnancy and beyond.

Would I Recommend Dr. Yen?

Absolutely! I had my sixth appointment with him this morning and at each appointment I meet the same man. He’s about solutions, optimism, and doing what makes sense. Also making you feel comfortable as a patient is really important to him. This is a potentially scary thing having a baby, and whether you have a complicated pregnancy or not, you leave having seen Dr. Yen less scared. Also, you laugh with Dr. Yen during your appointments, and you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

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Update: March 21, 2018

Dr. Yen delivered our little girl. Read about my excellent labor and delivery experience with Dr. Yen.






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