Review of Dr. Miyoung Won, MD

— February 13, 2018

Steadfast and even-tempered, Dr. Won is a good option for those looking for a new OBGYN in Tinley Park, with just a few kinks.

I first met with Dr. Won two and a half months. As stated in my previous reviews of doctors Risser and Agarwal (and as I’m sure you may have been advised too) it was recommended to me by Dr. Agarwal to meet with all of the obstetricians (OBs) at Tinley Park’s DuPage Medical Group office on South LaGrange RD to get familiar with each because any one of them might be the one who will delivery our baby. Now at thirty-five weeks pregnant I’ve learned that there is really no good chance of any of them being the OB who delivers out baby. Anyway, back to my experience with Dr. Won.

I was twenty-four weeks pregnant at the time and had seen Dr. Agarwal twice and Dr. Risser once. It was a relief when I met with Dr. Won. She was a complete departure from the arrogant and apathetic Dr. Agarwal or the pushy and on-the-go Dr. Risser. Dr. Won had this logical air about her with a discerning, no-nonesense focus. My husband was with me at my visit and liked how she explained things.

I thought I had found my new OBGYN finally, but when I went to make my next monthy pregnancy checkup I found out that she was going to be out of vacation.

The One Hitch

I haven’t been back to see her, but some how I got an ultrasound ordered by her on February 1st, 2018 because my initial one showed our baby lying low. Dr. Yen was supposed to have ordered that ultrasound, but for whatever reason, Dr. Won wound up being the ordering physician in the end.

The medical staff member who called me with the results (baby moved up, as is normal, yay no scheduled c-section neccessary!) was very nice. Unusually though the results from my ultrasound and blood glucose screening test were not released to the DuPage Medical Group patient portal called MyChart. So I mesasged Dr. Won and her team on the MyChart app and the medical staff member who messaged me back said it was not typical to release OB ultrasounds. That didn’t sound right. For one thing, having worked in healthcare years ago I know that by law patients have the right to their records, that means any testing. Also, my previous pregnancy ultrasounds ordered by the other OBs in the practice had been shared on MyChart. I pointed out to the lady that my previous pregnancy ultrasounds had been released to MyChart and this did the trick. Her response was, “I apologize you are correct. I just noted a previous OB ultrasound was released.”

Would I Recommend Dr. Won?

Online reviews of Dr. Won are troubling. More than once roughness in performing pap smears and coldness are noted by patients. Maybe I caught her on a good day. Maybe it’s the “first visit” good behavior that some docotors exhibit. Whatever the case may be, everyone’s experiences are never precisely the same which means it’s dangerous to make assumptions based on a small pool of reviews.

One review touched on an issue with test results, which echoed my experience. Makes me wonder if I would continue to experience the same issue if I continue with Dr. Won :

“I had to call several times after waiting a week to get my test results and found out that my chart mysteriously ended up in her office in Blue Island although I never once saw Dr. Won there. I feel the office is very poorly run. I am sorry I chose Pronger Smith and Dr. Won.”

That was written back in 2009, since then DuPage Medical Group acquired the office on South LaGrange.

I found Dr. Won to be very competent and level-headed. Although some follow-up when it comes to test results, for the digital moms out there, might be required, I didn’t have a negative experience. Dr. Won doesn’t jump to conclusions, which is important because you don’t want a doctor who is about profit and not integrity. Still, take my review with a grain of salt. Seeing a doctor more than once is a good idea, and especially at your worst. You want to see how they will be when you’re not feeling well or when there is an emergency. I certainly learned a lot about Dr. Agarwal from my two-day hospital stint this summer.

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