Jungle Fantast #1 in New Releases on Amazon

UPDATED JULY 31, 2023 9:00 AM

Jungle Fantasy Finally Listed — No Longer Underground!

Jungle Fantasy Listed on the Amazon’s “Coming Soon: Beauty & Personal Care” page.

For the discerning fan, initial marketing for Jungle Fantasy harkens back to the hot pink leopard print made famous by my favorite of Britney Spears’ older fragrances, Curious: In Control. So I wonder, is this a subtle hint that the two fragrances smell a like?

Scents Side-By-Side

Though the bottles differ by base color, they do share the same hot pink accent coloring* and leopard print in their promotion and packaging. Again, it may be a reach to take stylistic choices as equating to shared scent. Then again, there is always a sparkle of truth in Britney projects.

The sole note shared between these two fragrances I think may be the lynch pin to my hypothesis: Tonka Bean. Notably, Curious: In Control has previously been the only one of Britney’s fragrances to employ Tonka Bean, until now…

JUNGLE FANTASY (Jul-Aug 2023)CURIOUS: IN CONTROL (April 16, 2006)
Top Notes: Watermelon Blossom, Violet Leaf, YuzuTop Notes: Loquat
Middle Notes: Gustavia Flower, Water Lily, Gardenia
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Crème Brûlée, Vanilla, Midnight Orchid
Base Notes: Tonka Bean Absolute, Cupcake AccordBase Notes: Musk, Sandalwood
*The Jungle Fantasy bottle is jungle green and covered in glistening pink gems, with a translucent green cap in the trademark orb shape of every Fantasy cap. Wrapped around the neck of the bottle are also sparkling pink gems.

In promo, Jungle Fantasy is described as “a floral green gourmand fragrance that will make you embrace the wild part in you, just like Britney has always been throughout her career.” Curious: In Control original promo described it as a gourmand as well, with Britney herself calling it “more demanding” and “about being in control.

Both fragrances promote a strong female essence, but I also think it’s interesting to juxtapose the circumstances swirling around their times of release.

Then And Now

Back in 2006, Britney Spears was ironically more so on a bit of a collision course, whereas now in 2023 she finally seems more in control of herself. A true Britney renaissance is blossoming in terms of her personal brand as well. Though her often hinted at Project Rose remains to be unseen.

Spears, herself, has not said anything publicly about the new Jungle Fantasy, but she did just announce the release date for her long-awaited memoir, “The Woman In Me.” So there’s definitely an interesting wave coming for fans to enjoy riding for the rest of 2023.

Where To Pre-Order Jungle Fantasy

As I’ve written about in the past, keeping your pulse on new Britney Spears fragrances is a bit of a chore. But Fragrantica has always been the dependable source.

Currently, the French-based online shop for all things Britney Spears BS Avenue has Jungle Fantasy (eau de toilette) available for pre-order in both 30ml and 100ml sizes, with shipping starting July 20, 2023.

Users have left hints in the comments section of the Jungle Fantasy Frangrantica page, that the new fragrance is already available in the United Kingdom, though no release date has been officially revealed yet for other countries.

What’s In A Name?

Britney has expressed in past interviews that her fragrance “names go with my age.” So Jungle Fantasy, what’s that about? Is it because it’s summer? Is it because she’s never employed that descriptor, so why not?

Given the interesting turn of events in Britney’s life these last almost 2 full years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the theme of Jungle Fantasy isn’t a tad inspired by her new sense of self and freedom. Or better, yet a Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods” nod, to finally being out of a sort of jungle. After a 13 year conservatorship, how could you not want to let yourself feel a little more wild and free, as Jungle Fantasy’s name suggests? It’s certainly nice to see an empowering theme return in one of her fragrances, like that of being “in control.”

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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Uses

Some online have remarked, on social platforms such as the Britney Army preferred forum Breatheheavy, that the reuse of an over 6 year old image in promotions for the Jungle Fantasy is a sign of lazy marketing. But has every fan of hers around the world seen this image of her though?

Said image being used of Spears posing in a mesh shirt is from her Glory album era, from a photoshoot with David Roemer for the October 2016 issue of Marie Claire UK Magazine (of course she was the cover girl).

Recycling of images from past photoshoots has clearly made economic sense for her brand and she’s not the only celebrity to do so.

In fact, we can see the first use of this strategy was the promo for the very fragrance that we’re comparing Jungle Fantasy to in this article possible! Curious: In Control used an image from a photoshoot Britney did with legendary photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, for the New York Times Magazine‘s “Fashion Of The Times” 60th Anniversary Issue from August 17, 2003. For the unfamiliar, Unwerth’s photography is famous for being about revealing the “Liberated Women” through a sizzling black and white frame.

Fashions of the Times
Britney Oops! The Ante
For dancing on tables and acting the star, sleek 30’s-style evening wear can transform a Pop-Tart into a Cosmopolitan.

What Would A Psychic Say?

Watch the infamous commercial from 2010 for Radiance.

Die hard fans know Britney has always been open to the mystical for fun and because she’s always been a curious person. Her naming one of her World Tours after a crystal is a pretty good example. And remember that promo for Radiance, when she goes to a psychic fortune teller’s tent and asks the crystal ball about her future? You’re probably starting to see how Britney likes to have fun with fans through her projects by now.

But what would a psychic say about everything that’s been going on with Spears? Psychics sometimes ask for a personal article of someone’s to jump start their senses to do a reading, so what would they read from Jungle Fantasy? 

From an astrological standpoint, my research has turned up that “we have new karma unfolding and/or karma coming back from 2005-2007,” one nationally known psychic named Maria Shaw said this morning on her social profiles. Charted to have start last night near the New Moon on July 17, the Nodes of Fate are changing signs, meaning each of us will step onto a new 18 year karmic path cycle. 

The Nodes will move in the signs of Aries and Libra and this shift is about balancing karma from 18 years ago. It doesn’t mean you will be experiencing the exact same kind of events, just that lessons may be similar or seeds you planted then, you’re apt to reap now.

Because the North node will move into Aries which rules your individuality and the south node will be in Libra, which rules partnerships and relationships, I believe a focus will be on becoming your authentic self and moving away from relationships that do not allow you to do so.

MariaShaw.com, Weekly Newsletter for July 18 – 21, 2023

From my understanding, this suggests that those who did Britney wrong all those years ago, who contributed to her downfall and conservatorship, may get their full comeuppance. Hopefully, Britney continues to recover and recenter into her full potential. It’s definitely time for the sweet smell of success for her again.

Her upcoming memoir has already broken pre-order records, her Broadway Musical Once Upon a One More Time is reving up, and then there’s the aforementioned new fragrance. I think a psychic would definitely say she’s lucky.

Britney Spears Fragrance Account To Follow For New Releases

If you want to be safe and save your pennies to be sure, the aficionado influencer for Britney Spears Fragrances Reviews is Edward Preston. I discovered him back last January, when Blissful Fantasy quietly hit the online market. I recommend following him on Instagram, YouTube, etc. at BSPerfumeReviews. He’s a good person to follow for consistently keeping up with new fragrances before they hit social media.

Have you tried Jungle Fantasy yet? Comment below if you have and tell me what you thought of it.

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