Credit: Banging Gavel Brews

The perks of home building. While out picking carpeting for our forever home being built, we learned the date when the historic Vogt Building (or The Vogt House) is set to reopen, along with the new Tinley Park brewery that bought it: Banging Gavel Brews.

And this little ancedote is further proof of how small the world is. Len Stolarski Jr. is one of the founding fathers of the Carpet Company our builder recommended we choose, Key Carpet Corporation in Oak Lawn. He also happens to be a part owner of Banging Gavel Brews. And since my family and I are setting our roots in Tinley and I happen to be an ambassador of sorts, he gave me this scoop.

I first reported on Banging Gavel in January 2021—and unfortunately the pandemic was a big part of what delayed the project. Another aspect of the Chicago Brew House’s delayed opening also rests with difficulty in securing permission from the Illinois Historical Socitety, according to Stolarski Jr. Rightly so, I can see that the Illinois Historical Society probably wanted to protect the historic Karl Vogt House as much as possible, and wanted to make absolutely sure that the Banging Gavel’s renovation would be respectful to the legacy. Banging Gavel Brews clearly proved themself.

There’s not much more I can spill about the brew house, but suffice it to say, once the facility is finalized, Tinley Park is going to be even more of a landmark than it already is. Stolarski Jr. said it’s most likely looking like sometime in December 2023 is the magical time to mark in our calendar. When Banging Gavel will be fully opened, Vogt House and all. Here’s hoping it goes off without a hitch. You heard it here first folks. 😉

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit Banging Gavel Brews Frequentyl Asked Questions page in the meantime: Also, do check out the Banging Gavel Sustainability page to learn all things related to their restoration of the Karl Vogt House, otherwise known as the Vogt Building—which soon will be referred to as The Vogt House by Banging Gavel.


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