Not sure if all you followers know but I am a Serbian American ??.

There are so many magazines for almost every kind of niche; it’s a huge business and I love how there’s a magazine for everyone’s interest. And I love that I’m noticing more magazines for different immigrant groups. I’ve seen Polish magazines at Gorka Deli in Orland Park for instance and so many more over the course of the last decade, and their growth in number is really gratifying for me to witness. But I had no idea there was one for Chicago Balkan immigrants! It’s so chic too!

Balkan City Magazine to me comes off like a Michigan Avenue Magazine mixed with a local paper feel—something for every economic background. You gotta love the fact that it has some coupons inside.

Anyway, for you Serbs out here in the Chicago area, in case you didn’t know, you’ve got a magazine for your community.

You can pick up free copies of Balkan City Magazine at most local Serbian businesses like Lalich Deli in Niles, Balkan Bakery in La Grange, or Zora’s Kafana (kafana means Café) in Chicago, etc.

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I was the first American citizen born abroad in what was the #formerYugoslavia—for my paternal grandmother ?? who is in heaven now.


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