The Young Entrepreneur’s Fairs were news to me last year when I first learned about them. So this year I wanted to make sure to share about them to help get them grow and spread the word about them.

The following are the dates, times, locations, and links to each of the three Chicago Southland Young Entrepreneur’s Fairs.

Other Young Entrepreneur’s Fairs in Illinois

To find a Young Entrepreneur’s Fair near you, visit the Children’s Business Fair website’s locations page:

And if you want to start one in your suburb or city, there’s a page for that on the Children’s Business Fair website:

FYI, I’m not being compensated for sharing about this non-profit or these three local fairs. I’m actually kind of interested myself in being a mentor one of these years when I can give my time without disrupting the balance of my home and business life.

Also, as the parent of a very independent and lively preschooler, I want to stay current with these fairs for her if she wants to go into business for herself in the future.

Baby's First Business Book - Andrew Dorazio - Children's Book - Alphabet

Relevant Plug: Baby’s First Business Book by Andrew Dorazio

This children’s book is one I found out about a couple years ago that I would be remis not to mention here for you parents with tiny kidpreneurs.

I interviewed the author, who happens to be a local Chicago real estate agent and investor, in 2021. No brainer that he’d be a good author for entrepreneur themed children’s book. You can check those books out on his website:

Local Business Mentors Wanted For Young Entrepreneur’s Fairs

If you’re a local business owner that would be interested in being a mentor for any of the young entrepreneur fairs, reach out to the respective parent event host. Dana Marie is overseeing the Frankfort and Mokena ones, and Robert Arnold is overseeing the New Lenox one.

Mentors are responsible for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each kidpreneur business, along with providing suggestions for improvement. As a mentor, you also get some spending money to use at the fair and an area to market your own business at the sponsor table.

July 8, 2023 Fair

The third annual Summer Young Entrepreneur’s Fair in New Lenox, IL is accepting young entrepreneurs that make their own items or provide a service themselves ages 6-16.

Sign up link is:

Stay up-to-date by joining the New Lenox Young Entrepreneur’s Fair Facebook Group:

Instantly add the event to your smartphone calendar by RSVPing to the Event via Facebook


SATURDAY, JULY 8, 2023 AT 10 AM – 2 PM

101 Veterans Parkway in New Lenox Village Commons

Event by Elementary Woodworkers (6th grader Chris’ business) and Robert Arnold (Chris’ dad)

The New Lenox Young Entrepreneur Fair is also a part of the Village of New Lenox’ Play Day in the Commons. So there will also be bounce houses, games and other fun things for kids to do.

May 20, 2023 Fair

Sign up link is: (being used for both Mokena and Frankfort fairs)

Instantly add the event to your smartphone calendar by RSVPing to the Event via Facebook


SATURDAY, May 20, 2023 AT 9 AM – 11:30 AM

21301 S Pfeiffer Rd outside of Amazing Love Church

Event by Dana Marie

April 1, 2023 Fair

Sign up link is:

Instantly add the event to your smartphone calendar by RSVPing to the Event via Facebook


SATURDAY, April, 2023 AT 9 AM – 11:30 AM

11049 W La Porte Rd outside of Grace Fellowship Church of Mokena

Event by Dana Marie


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