We’re at the Peak of the Next Baby Baby Boom

It doesn’t take a psychic to know that we are in the middle of a baby boom. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen some of these types of headlines:

In 2018, prepare for a baby boom

Get Ready For The Next Baby Boom

The Next Baby Boom: Urban Millennials with Children

It’s not just because I am expecting my first child in 2018, or even that almost 100 public figures are having babies in 2018 too.

According to experts, millennials, the generation described as collaborative, open-minded nonconformists, are now having children of their own and launching America’s next baby boom. — Dana Manciagli

I suspect it started sometime in 2012, ironically the year I started officially dating my husband. One theory out there is that the Fifty Shade of Grey book series set off this new baby boom. Generational experts are calling babies born to Millennials (Generation Y) after 2010 Generation alpha. And apparently they might be the next GREAT generation, like the Baby Boomers.

It’s kind of crazy to think that I’m a part of this group of parents giving birth to the next great generation. I guess you could say that we Millennials (Generation Y) are like the sandwich generation or silent generation. But it’s cool because no one has control over when they are born. You only have control over the life you make and the impact you have on others.SaveSaveSaveSave


January 3, 2020

Since this article was written I have found that there doesn’t seem to be a baby boom. According to the World Bank in fact there’s been quite decline in the world birth rate since 1960.

Oh well, I guess it’s just preception that I and many others felt like there was a baby boom coming on. Afterall, if the birthrate has been lower than it has been historically, any perceived up tick in births in your life or in the lives of well-known people must seem like there’s a boom. Well, cheers to the babies of the world.


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