Review of Body Mind Spirit Expo from 2018 Experience

Every June the Body Mind Spirit Expo comes to the Tinley Park Convention Center. Not Chicago, but Tinley Park. Now in its 30th year, the Body Mind & Spirit Expo has become the largest health and wellness expo in the United States.

Tinley Park Mom Collage of 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park

June 2018 was my first year ever attending. With a $1-off coupon entry for just me was only $13 and my ten-week old baby was free. I had a special reading with Tinley Park Psychic, and her predictions actually came true, seriosuly less than one week later!

moon mirrors at 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park

From what I heard, this was only the third year the expo has been at the Tinley Park Convention Center and it doesn’t sound like the expo directors want to look at any other venues.

The expo has been attracting around 2,500 people to the Tinley Park Convention each year according to their website. The expo serves as a platform for psychics, healers, and other holistic or occult professionals to get the word out about their particular brand or business. And because the expo attracts the alternative and holistic health services community, someone who is secretly interested in exploring this world of totems and crystals can conveniently comparison shop and browse without feeling too pressured or embarrassed.

Wolf Spirit Banner at 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park
Tiger Lillly Jewelry display at 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park

This year at the 2018 expo there were 120 Booths, 70 Seminars, and 50 Psychics accounted for. You can see a list of the vendors who were at this year’s expo in Tinley Park on the Body Mind Spirit website.


Tiger Lillly Jewelry booth at 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park

Meant to enlighten and entertain your senses, the expo I think did a nice job of creating an arena for the general public to increase their knowledge of alternative health and metaphysical topics like psychics, reikis, and chakra balancing to name a few.


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