Wines for Mom and Dad This Halloween

Halloween: The holiday can strike a fear like none other. And not because of the scary monsters lurking around the corner. While the kids run around with their masks on trick-or-treating, moms everywhere need a moment to stop and chill out. Whether they’re on the porch or stoop, we are the ones who need to maintain some sanity.

Yellow tail pure brights shipping box

To help moms through the spirited season, [ yellow tail ] created Pure Bright, a low calorie, low alcohol wine that comes in at under $7.00 a bottle—right now a bottle of Pure Bright is only $5.29 at Jewel-Osco here in Chicagoland. Available in three varieties, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, Pure Bright by [ yellow tail ] offers guilt-free options that are perfect for sipping while watching the monsters pass by.

Man and Wife Review of New 85 Calorie White Wines [ yellow tail ]

Notice: Geoffrey prefers red wines and Stephanie prefers sweet wines.
Trio of Yellowtail Pure Bright Bottles

Chardonnay (yellow bottle)

STEPHANIE: Smell Tart currant and lemon, taste has both the currant and lemon with a little woody floral.

GEOFFREY: Very soft and buttery. I definitely recommend pairing this with popcorn— the buttery flavor really comes out.

Pinot Grigio (green bottle)

STEPHANIE: More crisp smelling and smooth tasting than the chardonnay, and has a nice unique pear profile.

GEOFFREY: Smooth, simple, light, crisp. I can definitely see this going well with a lot of different dishes. And you get the flavors without that usual heavy feeling from some wine houses.

Sauvignon Blanc (blue bottle)

STEPHANIE: Very similar to the chardonnay in scent and taste (you have the currant and the lemon), but the smoothest tasting of the trio. Also I think it has a slightly more complex scent profile. Also, my favorite of the three wines.

GEOFFREY: I like the smell a lot, really pleasing. Definitely my favorite of the three wines.

[ yellow tail] Pure Bright Wine Drink Suggestions

Pure Blood Punch Halloween Drink Recipe - [yellow tail] chardonnay pure bright low calorie

And if there are a few moms taking a moment away from their families, I’d like to suggest a Front Porch Punch or you can call it a Pure Blood Punch for this Halloween. It’s a super simple cocktail recipe: just one bottle of Pure Bright Chardonnay mixed with a bottle of blood orange soda.?To Geoff and I, it tastes like a refreshing fruit punch, except a little more indulgent for us parents.

Pure Blood Punch

750ml bottle of [ yellow tail ] Pure Bright Chardonnay

750ml bottle of Blood Orange Soda

Pour each bottle into a large punch bowl and garnish with slices of blood oranges.

All three Pure Bright varieties are now available online at retailers like Drizly for easy ordering as well as in stores. Visit the [yellow tail] wines website for more information and products.

From my husband Geoff and I, please enjoy and of course, drink responsibly.


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