Winter just might be the best time to undergo laser eye surgery and say goodbye to those cleaning cloths or contact lens solution forever. Here x reasons why we say it’s the best:

1. You’ll Have Enough Time To Be Ready To Enjoy Spring and Summer Vision 

You don’t want to be cooped up inside during spring and summer recovering from eye surgery. By getting eye surgery during the winter months when most people are indoors, you’re able to not feel like you’re missing out. Also, did you know eye surgery can actually improve your allergy symptoms? For those of you know wear contacts, contact lenses often exacerbate allergy symptoms. Many laser eye surgery patients have seen their allergy symptoms improve after having the surgery.

2. The Weather Conditions Help Ensure Optimal Results

The lower levels of humidity and cooler temperatures in the winter months provide the best conditions for eye surgery. Scientists from Wake Forest University Eye Center in North Carolina looked at how environmental factors impacted rates of Lasik enhancements and found that the cooler and less humid conditions outdoors and indoors lessened the need for additional Lasik enhancements to be made (Walter and Stevenson, 2004).

3. It’s Easier To Take Time Off

Eye surgery recovery times vary by individual, but winter has the most days off in a concentrated space of time for you to not have to take as many of your personal days or vacation days off work. December has Christmas, January has New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, February has President’s Day. Also, you need to limit your aerobic activity four weeks after eye surgery and that’s easier to do during the winter when everyone’s relaxing more on the couch.

4. Start The New Year With Better Vision

Resolutions are all about making changes that will improve your life – and laser eye surgery is one of the most dramatic improvements you could start in the New Year. And just image, by Valentine’s Day you’ll be glasses and contacts free too!

5. You Don’t Have To Deal With Bright Sunlight

Bright sunlight can be stressful for eyes after surgery. Your vision may improve in the summer or spring due to the extra light, but this is not the best time to recover from eye surgery. Eyes are usually sensitive after eye surgery and it will take time to get used to bright light. Sunlight does bounce off white snow, but you can mitigate that by not staring directly at snow for too long.


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