Paris is always a good idea.

Sabrina (1995)

You know that phrase you’ve started to see more of (in beauty aisle products for instance)? It came from this romantic comedy from 90s!

Emily In Paris was very much inspired by it, but can’t compare—you’ve gotta see this movie instead.

Why Sabrina Is A Must Watch

Sabrina is a perfect palate cleanser for the entertainment landscape of today. Like a brût champagne ?, with a rich fairy tale under the surface.

The movie is like Barbie meets Oppenheimer. It’s got cynicism, sarcasm, culture and comedy. It’s also one of the best executions of the corporate allegory in modern storytelling. There’s is just the right amount of depth snuck into the script. Whatever it says for you is in the eye of the beholder. It’s also fun to pick a part in discussion.

An ensemble like Paul Giamatti (Sideways), Greg Kinnear (You’ve Got Mail, Little Miss Sunshine), Angie Dickinson, Dana Ivey (Home Alone 2, Two Weeks Notice), Nancy Marchand (The Soprano’s), Richard Crenna (Summer Rental) John Wood (Chocolat, WarGames).

But above all, Sabrina has escapism with the right amount of emotional maturity. Good to watch these kinds of movies in between the big budget kinds.

A smaller movie than the tentpole movies oversaturating the market. A movie for grown-ups, but PG! “A sweet little movie” in the words of one of its stars Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford on Charlie Rose, 2002). One that made an impression on little me, and more influential than you may know.

And if anything, this is a movie that’s just so different from the movies that have been being made in the last 20 years.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie — Perfect Rainy Day Movie Too!

And it’d be perfect to watch on Valentine’s Day, which is 2 months before the movie discussion. You can even use your library card at Hoopla to stream Sabrina (1995) for free!

The film certainly ticks off a lot of the boxes that make a perfect Valentine’s Day movie. But Sabrina isn’t just a movie perfect for Valentine’s Day—it’s also a lonely hearts movie, and everyone feels down on gray or rainy days. So watching the film now is perfect for you locals, in preparation for the discussion of it in April.

Whenever you watch, let me know what you thought at stephanie[@]tinleyparkmom[.]com.


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