Yet another example of our child having better options than we did growing up, American Crafts has released a new line of Hocus Pocus baking kits. A few were found at Walmart, Instacart, and in store by Instagram Snack Expert @rockgirlmaxim84, but when I put in the name of the one we wanted to buy in my online search, the search engine turned up nothing.

Screen Shot of Hocus Pocus Brownie Kit Search Terms Used in Google 2021-10-09 at 6.30.04 PM

Walmart Put A Bad Spell On Their Website’s SEO

As someone who builds websites, search optimizes them, and writes and designs content for them too, I know my way around a search engine. As you can see in the screenshot, I tried every which way you could search for this item to no avail.

Initially I thought the sloppy SEO was either an accidental screwed up or an intentional tactic in anticipation of high consumer demand. But then I had an idea—I would simply go to the main listing page for American Crafts products on the Walmart website. I’d then select the category of Baking, and then I saw one specifically for Halloween baking. And voilà, I saw the Hocus Pocus baking kits.

And of course the one we were setting our sights on had its listing misspelled—ironic because it’s the spellbook brownie kit—good mom joke, right? You’ll see in the screenshot that they spelled it ‘Spellbrook Brownie Kit’ instead of ‘Spellbook Brownioie Kit’.

American Crafts Halloween Baking Items page on Walmart - 2021

Something the regular person might not know about is that a lot of the proper CMS’s are being replaced by the “migration” feature of platforms like Shopify, square space, and WIX by big companies like Walmart to save on costs. And Walmart’s website has become a nightmare as a result, as my journey illustrates. is a half-assed (pardon my French) combination of their regular website for in-store shopping and then some strange version of Amazon’s collection of third-party vendors. When someone goes to the website, it’s hard to tell unless you really look at it, if something is being sold in the stores or if it is an online only purchase that has been sold through the marketplace.

But anywho, that’s what happened here and now you know where to exactly order the Hocus Pocus kits. I’m digging the black frosting with the spell book brownie kit. The Binx kit is pretty cool also??‍⬛?

Click to check out the American Crafts Halloween Baking Items page on Walmart.


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