Announcing Your Pregnancy

How To Announce Your Pregnancy According to Others

As a Millennial, there’s a stereotype of oversharing and there is a grain of truth to it, but stereotypes are like mood rings: they are apt to change with the times. Since the whole world seems to have an opinion on what being a Millennial actually, they must know how we should announce a pregnancy the right way for our digital times, right? Sorry for the snippy tone, but I thought it would be interesting to hold a mirror up to what others is the right way to announce a pregnancy because anytime a Millennial has an opinion it is laughed at or put down. Here goes…

“Announce Your Pregnancy Whenever You Freaking Feel Like It” Club

The writers at Babble sure know how to turn a phrase, here’s what they meant:

“If you want to wear your pregnancy joy like a cape and run around like a mad woman in your town square, be free my friend! If you want to keep the preciousness of the life you created close to your heart, cradle it on your terms!”

The Second-Trimester Club

This club is all about avoiding having to announce a miscarrage if they announced the pregnancy too soon in development. As much as you hope a miscarrage does not happen, living in fear of what others will think is no way to live.

The “No Ultra Sound Scan Photo Please” Club

This club is self-explanatory. Be different with how you announce your pregnancy, you want it to say something about you like maybe a cool graphic, a craft you create, a video you edited. However you announce your pregnancy, don’t follow the pack, because people who do memorable things do things differently.


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