The Connection Between Balance and Sour Foods

Being “The Sourest Day” (yes there is a day devoted to all things sour) I thought it’d be à propos to share this interesting thing I read.

You know how some people like the taste of sour and others don’t? Scientists from the University of Southern California found that people who like sour have more of protein (identified as the otopetrin family) found on your tongue that is specifically alerted when you ingest sour foods. And it is that same protein that gives your body a sense of balance and gravity (Science Daily).

“We never in a million years expected that the molecule that we were looking for in taste cells would also be found in the vestibular [inner ear] system,” says study author Emily Liman (USC, Janaury 31, 2018)

That’s right, that same protein is also found in our inner ear and our inner ear is what helps us maintain a sense of balance, both physically and visually. Wild connection right?

The best part? Having more of this protein means you are less likely to lose your balance and you also have a more expansive sour palate, able to pick up more sour notes than others. So take pride if you like War Heads candy and high acid fruits, it just might mean you are the most balanced person you know.






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