Registration Starts 2/1/2022 for Fall 2022 Class for Preschool at Victor J. Andrew High School. A registration link will be posted on the respective pages on the morning of Feb 1.*last year the registration link was posted at 10:00 AM, but not sure if that will be the same time registration opens this year.

  • Morning Pre-school is for 4 year olds as of 9/1/22 turning 5 throughout the school year – going to kindergarten the following year.
    • COST: $350 for school year.
  • Afternoon Pre-school is for 3 year-olds turning 4 throughout the school year who are potty trained!!!
    • COST: $250.00 for school year.


Pre-school Director Jennifer Knezz

I heard great things about Jennifer Knezz from other moms lasy year when I started my research into pre-school programs in Tinley Park. For me I truly believe that your first teacher makes a huge impression on you, so I’m a little nervous but also very excited to see what our daughter’s first teacher will be like for her. Recommendations from real people also help in easing your nerves, they’re usually spot on too. So I’m feeling good about Mrs. Knezz.

Degrees don’t guarantee a teacher with a good disposition and warm heart, but it helps and for me gives me a vote of confidence as I’m getting into the swing of school for our daughter. Here are Mrs. Knezz’s credentials:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Olivet Nazarene University in Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Master’s Degree from Olivet Nazarene University in Curriculum & Instruction
  • Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Early Childhood Education

I also appreciate that she has set up a special website, as a woman in tech that makes me really happy.

Click on one of the links below for more information on the class that best fits your little one.

Morning preschool program information for 4/5 year olds 

Afternoon preschool program information for 3/4 year old 


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