According To Tinley Park Moms

If you’re not a member of the Tinley Park Moms Facebook group, please come join us. Things change everyday, and we keep each other in the loop. Just check out this handy time saving list of top houses with Christmas lights this year in Tinley Park. I couldn’t have come up with it without the help of Tinley Park moms!

7414 162nd Place
17321 Avon Lane
17331 Osceola Ave.
8578 Ballard Court
8706 Kathleen Lane
16423 Parliament Avenue
7805 Nottingham Drive
16407 66th Avenue
6240 167th Street
1666 Patricia Avenue
7231 174th Place
7435 Ridgefield Lane
18033 Bettenhausen Drive
17049 Ozark Avenue
18300 Cottonwood Drive
7414 161st Street

Honorable Mentions Who Participated In The Village of Tinley Park’s 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest

Click here for the interactive map the village made to make it easy to find the homes that participated in 2020’s Holiday Decorating Contest.

Best Lights In The Chicago Southwest Suburbs For 2020 According To Kidlist

Kidslist is a great resource for finding information about anything in all the suburbs of Chicago, and this almost exhaustive list is a testament to how well they keep people informed.


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