Help a family in need via Tinley Wish

It’s never too early to lend a helping hand, and if you’re feeling in the giving mood with the holiday season just over a month away, here’s news on a local Tinley Park focused charity I just learned about.

Tinley Wish is nonprofit organization that raises money throughout the year for specifically for Tinley Park families in need. But around Christmas time they round up volunteers to wrap gifts and join a parade of first responder vehicles to make the deliveries to selected families a little extra spectacular.

Know of a family that could use the help? Nominate them now through Nov. 10, 2021 by mailing a letter sharing their story to the Tinley Park Police Department, 7850 W. 183rd Street.

Imagine helping someone who is facing the unthinkable! Together, we can help those community members who need it most!

Also, if you want to help out financially, just check the Tinley Wish box on your water bill or donate via PayPal.

Village of Tinley Park Facebook Announcement

Visit for more information about Tinley Wish.

SIDENOTE: I found that Tinley Wish’s recently dissolved this September according to the State of Illinois’ Secretary of State website, where businesses and nonprofits are supposed to register themselves. The nonprofit’s status has a note that indicates it was an involuntary dissolution on September 10, 2021. This also may be a case of simply forgetting to file your status with the state. Nonetheless, I find it interesting, and this definitely make this season especially important should Tinley Wish no longer be able to continue helping families in Tinley.


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Use the hashtag #tinleyparkmoms to be featured and heard.

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