Wanna Show Off Your Decked Out Spooky House This Halloween?

After last year’s decent participation in its first ever Halloween House Decorating Contest, the Village of Tinley Park has decided to continue to ixnay the contest aspect of their Halloween activites and events this year. They’ve opted instead to focus on the fun-ness and community get-together aspect of the holiday. But the tradition of driving around at night and gazing at houses that have been decked out, the Village has created a digital online story map to make it easy for Tinley Park residents and neighboring vistors to find those homes.

To have your house included, simply take a picture of your fully-decorated home and send it along with your name and address, to [email protected]. Submissions must be sent by Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

Important Disclaimer To Know

As a courtesy I want to also point out possible risks in being on a public online map.

By submitting your home for consideration, all entrants are consenting to allow the Village of Tinley Park staff to photograph their home and make available their home address and image to the public via the Village’s website and social media profiles.

This also means entrants must agree to hold the Village harmless for any incidents or accidents that may occur, directly or indirectly, on an entrant’s property as a result of their home being in the digital online map.

I know all that sounds scary, but to make you feel a little less worried if you’re on the fence, I personally don’t know of any reports of vandalism or harm reported from last year’s first inaugural contest.

Don’t Feel Left Out If You Don’t Feel Comfortable

And remember, the tradition of driving around your neighborhood isn’t going away. You don’t have to be entered more publicly listed as a halloween house to enjoy showing off our decor feat. As we’ve seen especially in the last decade what with the inception of social media, word travels fast and wide. Some families even have their own personal maps drawn up with homes they know go all out with decorating their homes for different holidays and occassions. So don’t feel left out if you want to play it safe. Hidden gems always get their spotlight in the end.


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