How Easy It Is To Read Beyond The Beaten Path

Hey y’all, remember that the library’s Summer Reading Challenge Read Beyond The Beaten Path ends 3 days from now: Saturday, Aug. 6. Believe it or not there is still time for you and your family to earn some merch and possibly win one of the big prizes.

Pictured is what our daughter earned at just 60% of the way to the 50 books goal for her age group. And they don’t have to only have read books checked out from the Tinley Park Public Library. You could literally scan the ISBN of all their books in their home library right now to catch them up.

For adults, it’s the hours you spent reading and not the quantity of books you read. The big goal for us is 20 hours (1200 minutes). Trust me, it was hard for me because I barely have time to listen to music on my own, but I did it. Baby steps. ☺️

If you’re worried about getting your reads tracked in time, download the Beanstack app the library is partnered with. You can manage everyone in your family’s reads and instantly enter the raffles and be counted in time. Here’s the Sign-Up Link:


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