Wearing glasses is definitely more inconvenient when you become a mom. Your child wants to steal them and bend them. I had to replace my glasses at one point when my daughter snapped one of the hinges.

At first wearing glasses isn’t so bad, you make the best of it and try to pick cool frames, but not all of us feel like ourselves with glasses. Sure, contacts are a “cheaper option” but frankly they were annoying and when you add up the cost of buying contacts for years, eye surgery is cheaper.

Make sure you stop wearing contact lenses 3 months before going in for your first appointment. Also, if you are a mom who had a baby not too long ago, you can’t start the eye surgery process until you have stopped breastfeeding for about six months.

Once you’ve done your time waiting, you can call to make your first appointment. You will have two appointments in total before your surgery date.

The Eye Surgery Examination

At your first appointment they will do a series of eye tests to measure:

  • Depth
  • Length (how far or near you can see)
  • Curvature
  • Level of astigmatism

Next they’ll do a regular eye exam where they’ll ask you to identify letters on a wall or digital screen. They will also dilate your eyes to measure your eye pressure.

The Eye Surgery Consultation

This is the appointment where you meet with your eye surgeon to discuss your recommended surgery options and you decide which one you are most comfortable with. The eye surgeon will also exam your eyes and do anothert eye exam with you.

They will usually first have you watch an informational video that visually details each type of eye surgery before the surgeon comes to you.

FUN FACT: The first vision correction procedure was done in 1898.

You don’t have to make your decision right there and then. Once you have given it thought, call the office and the surgical coordinator with go over the next steps of the process and she’ll give you some dates and times to select from for your surgery date.

Look out for my next article about the eye surgery journey as I come close to my surgery date, September 20, 2019.


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