The Halloween Tree (1993)

The Halloween Tree (1993) is one of those made-for-TV movies that I wish I had known about in my childhood. My husband introduced it to me during our first year of marriage, and today was our daughter’s first time watching it. After we watched this afternoon, we went for a walk all four of us, and our 2 year old daughter wanted to bring one of our decorative pumpkins with, just like how the main character of Pip hangs on to his soul’s pumpkin—oops…I’ve said too much. I really don’t want to spoil the experience for you.

The Halloween Tree (1993) is a timeless story, a field trip that’ll thrill you and tug at your heart strings. And don’t worry, this particular TV movie does not drag on, it’s quite short in fact, with a runtime of only 1 hour and 9 minutes long.

FUN FACT 1: Warner Bros. has a live action ‘The Halloween Tree in the works.

FUN FACT 2: Leonard Nimoy is the voice of one of the main characters in this animated film. You Trekkies I’m sure will like this movie.

Given the COVID-19 quarantine we are living through, I would prescribe Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree for you and your little one(s) this October. Only 11 more days till Halloween! The morale of the story is so relevant to what we’re living through. This short movie helps teach your little ones a lot of great and significant lessons without feeling stuffed full of moral after moral. Decipher for yourself though, and rent the adaption of Ray Bradury’s classic book, The Hallown Tree from 1993.


I love discovering the undiscovered, so I’m making time for compiling a list of undiscovered Halloween movies and/or Halloween TV programs. If you would like to help me and others, please fill out the short survey below.

What little-known Halloween movie or tv show do you think more people should discover?


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