Shared gloriously golden moments with some Golden Girls at the The Golden Girls Kitchen pop-up restaurant shanty in Wicker Park earlier this morning. The timing could not have been more perfect for it to arrive in our area. I think I did pretty good this Mother’s Day weekend for my mom.

This is the first week of the pop-up experience’s residency—goes until August 6th, 2023.

Getting To The Golden Girls Kitchen From The Chicago South Suburbs

If you’re thinking about going and are from the Chicago South Suburbs, here’s what I did:

? Metra Rock Island line from Tinley-80th Station at 7:43 AM (Sat).
? Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line (O’Hare Bound) from La Salle Street Station at 8:53 AM (Sat).
?‍♀️ Walk up North Milwaukee for 6-8 minutes to the address.
? Arrive at the Whiskey Business building site about 9:18 AM (Sat).

  • To help you plan out your trip, if you’re from somewhere else, this was the site I discovered when I was trying to plan my routes. Saved me time.

Why Booking The Early Seating Is Smart

If you reserve a spot at the first seating, which 10:00 AM, by the time your 90-minute alloted time is up, you’ll have ample time to catch the 12:40 PM Metra Rock-Island for Joliet and make it home by 1:30 PM. Turns 6

By the way, today is not only also the late Bea Arthur’s Birthday (she played the Golden Girl character Dorothy), but today also happens to be the 6th anniversary of the blog. So I just want to add to this a big ? thank you to everyone who has shown me what’s possible when you go outside your comfort zone.

For Tinley Park Women Looking To Find Their Friend Tribe

And if you’re looking for your friendship tribe, the group I also started in 2017 is a great springboard: Tinley Park Moms. We have a book club meeting coming up and the forum really is for all women who live in Tinley Park. You don’t have to be a mom, you just have to be yourself. Then when you’ve got your Golden Girls group, go have fun and don’t look back. We’re all on social media to find connection, but once you find your connections, then it’s time to really CONNECT IRL.

Have a glorious weekend and stay golden ?!


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