Some Things I’ve Learned We Can’t Do During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

No Spa

On a recent visit to Mario Tricoci I was denied service because I am in my first trimester of pregnancy.

I was seeking a massage due to extreme upper body muscle strain, which was disagnosed by my primary care physician that morning. I had been in a car collision in which my husband and I along with our 2-year-old puppy Sammie were hit from the rear, half of our car totaled.

I had attempted to make an appointment using the Mario Tricoci online scheduler tool, but there was nothing available. I thought I’d give calling a try. I told the person on the line that I was looking for a massage for pregnant women. What the manager of the Orland Park Mario Tricoci told me was that I was supposed to be asked how far along I was and also told what they will not do. Also, she added that any reputatble spa or masseuse would not give a massage to a woman until after the first trimester. “What is up with the first trimester?” I thought to myself.

I was given two stretches to try in the meantime and was sent on my way. They were very nice, but I was disappointed at the experience and lack of education of their phone service.

I found online that there is another school of thought on giving massages to women in the first trimester. This fear of causing or being sued for liable of causing a miscarriage is getting crazy. I was in a car accident in which I was not at fault and now I will live with this pain (hopefully it doesn’t get worse) for a week while my husband can go and get a massage and he has a shorter neck than me!

What To Do About All The Restrictions?

I have come to find that though being pregnant affords you more attention in most cases, but I find it incredible how you also get denied a lot.

Of course drinking while pregnant I think it valid to avoid, but isn’t it strange how overseas there are many cultures that say it is ok to drink a glass of wine if you’re pregnant and even it’s interesting to note that you’d be hard pressed to find research that 100% links drinking one glass of wine a day to fetal alcohol syndrome?

I keep finding contradictions and hypocracy throughout this process of pregnancy. I natural question things I don’t understand, I want to know the origins of why and it’s becoming obvious to me that you have to do a lot of research on your own and be your own advocate because everyone has their own beliefs and some are more extreme and less informed than others.

I am very uncomfortable still from the accident and I find it cruel and unusual to deny a massage, or villify using body oils or even taking over-the-counter pain relievers, for fear of being absorbed and negatively impacting my developing zygote. So I am treading carefully, I’m living with the pain, doing stretches and taking it easy.

I will try to ask more questions because although I may sound stupid, it’s better to ask than wasting a car trip to a spa only to be denied service.



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