A dear friend from college has his first book coming out in April of next year, and Election Day feels like the right day to share about it given its about politics and an elected official city adjacent to the Chicago Southland.
Greg is an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune, so it should come as no surprise that his book deals with Chicago politics.
It’s sure to be a thought starter, a head scratcher even. Afterall, I’ve known him for years—having worked with him on a paper long ago, and read his articles for years (one of which won him a prize in journalism concerning a Chicago Southland story!).
He has always been thorough in his work and dogged in the search for answers. And he covered every day of the book subject’s days in office, as former Mayor of Chicago, so it won’t be want for substance or understanding.
“Up For Grabs” isn’t a delicate turn of phrase for a title to contain, but the way its used feels a little like a call-to-action, or a reminder. That anyone really can run for an elected position to make a positive difference. The baton of leadership is always up for grabs so to speak. If you don’t like how decisions are getting made in your town or city, you totally can get involved in a deeper way, but it takes tenacity. And maybe my friend the author will touch on that for readers.
So many women and minorities I know have expressed to me over the years a feeling like, they wouldn’t have a chance if they ran for an elected position. Despite high credentials and years of experience in a sector that beyond makes them qualified, the idea of winning an election doesn’t seem worth the slings and arrows.
Maybe Greg’s book could encourage women and minorities to reconsider what’s possible now. Inspite of a thick barrier to entry, given how much campaign funds factor into having a chance at winning any election— a book, a person, a movie, a song….anything can spark a belief in one’s self I believe. But I really don’t know what we’ll learn between the pages of “The City is Up for Grabs: How Mayor Lori Lightfoot Led and Lost a City in Crisis.” I write these words as a friend proud of where someone I’ve known has reached after over a decade of hard work at this craft and career in public service as a journalist.
Pre-order is now available for The City is Up for Grabs where all books are sold. So proud of you Gregory Pratt.
And if the name Greg Pratt seems familiar, this might be why:
Greg has been appearing as a guest commentator on CNN and PBS’s Chicago Tonight for a few years now, and continues to be an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Raised in Little Village, Gregory Pratt has been a finalist for the Livingston and earned other national honors, inoward chicago Nationel Headliner Awards, the Lisagors, and Scripps. The University of Illinois Chicago grad is a journalist to watch. Ronan Farrow’s got nothing on the future of this fellow bright Millennial. 


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