Somethings never change. Still sporting the slicked back bun 21 years later. (Left) My 1999 school picture. (Right) Me 2 months ago coming out of our kitchen with a slice of my daughter’s birthday cake.

Like everyone’s birthday this year, mine was simple and small, but I loved it that way.

My husband Geoff was so sweet the entire day. One thing he did was this chalk art for me on our driveway.

And the strangest thing was although it was a Wednesday it felt like a Sunday to me. That happens sometimes I know, but I honestly don’t remember a birthday feeling like yesterday did. Maybe it was because it was so simple, so easy, so calm, like a Sunday morning. There’s this really cool poem from poet Wendy Cope that captures what I’m trying to express.

I had a few client requests come through, but all in all it was a lazy day. We watched a couple movies, drew with chalk on our driveway, went biking, I had a few special drinks, we ordered out for linner (it’s what we call that big meal between lunch and dinner), and I took a bubble bath. And instead of a cake I just wanted green tea mochi (a Japanese ice cream cumpling) with a candle on top instead of a cake. Seriously, the best things in life are free. Yesterday reminded me of that. I didn’t have to dress up (although I love to), I could just BE, and I had the most important souls around me.

Of course I wish our families had been with us and a few friends, but who says a birthday has to be this big production with a lot of people around you; with a big cake, lots of presents, decorations, a killer playlist in the background, and an extravagant banquet of food?

The crummiest thing about birthdays is the possibility for disappointment. Society set up this well intentioned tradition, but if on our birthday we don’t have a hundred friends call us to wish us a happy birthday, or we don’t have a big party, or no one shows up for said party, or we don’t get the presents we want, or we don’t blow candles off a cake…. are we losers? Should we let ourselves get down? Positively not. I’ve said this before, but it’s so true: this quarantine is a great opportunity to reassess our values and everything really. The news is saying it and everyone is saying it: things will never be the same after quarantine. Who knows if birthdays will be less of a thing after quarantine? There’s probably a greater chance that birthdays will be an even bigger deal since we’ve been so starved of social interaction. But birthdays don’t have to be like Saturday Nights, I actually thing the best ones are like Sunday Mornings. Whatever kind of birthday you have, all that really matters are those few people who do remember your birthday every year, who show you they care not just on your birthday, and those people who are there for you when you need them.

Some Cool Things That Happened In Tinley Park This Past Week

The Ultimate Tinley Park Quarantine Birthday Parade

A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, Laura Petruzzelli turned 107 years old! And her granddaughter decided to make sure her birthday was still special this year. Because of the Stay-at-Home quarantine order, people have been doing “drive-by” birthday and graduation parades in front of people’s homes. Laura got a huge car parade on May 16th, and it was like almost everyone in Tinley Park got the Facebook message.

Mrs. Petruzzelli reminds me of my late grandmothers and this touching story is a beautiful illustration of how a whole community can come together. I hope we see more of this continue after quarantine. Remember when blockparties were in every neighborhood back in the 1990s?

Peahen On The Roof

A peahen (peacocks are male, peahens are female) got loose and was found on a roof around 18100 Rita Road in Tinley Park yesterday.

Someone told me it is legal to have peacocks and peahens as pets, you just need a special permit. I hope this little lady is back home safe with her family. Should the Peahen or Peacock be added to the Tinley Park crest and/or logo?

That’s all I’ve got this time for you. I hope your quarantine birthdays are as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. And I hope you don’t let anything get down.

Hey it’s never too late. You can still buy me a belated birthday coffee.


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