How Dogs Help With Beauty

Dogs take care of us in more ways than you know. They can remedy so many ills that befall us: anxiety, depression, allergies, and science has proven that they help us live longer. But dogs don’t only help us health-wise, they help us to enjoy life, they help restore our sense of hope and positivity. In a sentence, our dogs are actually the thing that will save us all. So it stands to reason that they can help with beauty too. No beauty regimen can compete with the beauty-boosting power of dogs.

  1. Exercise & Play

Go on walks with your dog, go on runs with your dog; play with them. it will open your pores and release toxins and impurities. Not to mention, exercise and play will help you to feel and look younger. It boosts your metabolism, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and sculpt a toned physique like the goddess you are.

2. Bathing & Skin Care

Then, when you get home, take a bubble bath with your dog to wash away the sweat, dirt, and debris. A bath is great for hydrating your skin too. And while you’re in the tub with your best sud, I mean bud, use the pads of your dog’s paws to gently exfoliate your skin; they are better than a pumice stone in so many ways. 

  • cost nothing
  • they don’t lose their roughness
  • and they don’t need to be replaced; but your dog is irreplaceable.
  1. Rubs and Cuddles

Remember to cuddle your dog and brush their hair. Rub your face into their fur to stimulate your lymphatic system and increase circulation to your face. Their hair is a great exfoliator too. This not only feels good to you, it makes your dog feel good too. This is a great bonding and beauty activity.

So the next time someone compliments the way you look, you can proudly say “Why thank you. I can only hope to be as beautiful as my dog.”

For more beauty tips, don’t hesitate to contact our resident expert: Samantha, our dog.


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