About Stonebridge Park

Located in Homer Glen, the 5.61 acre park is located south of 159th Street on the west side of Stonebridge Drive. This park is one of our new favorites since our first time playing there last September (2020). The park facilities include:

  • Lighted Basketball  court
  • Fitness Course 
  • Parking 
  • Pavilion 
  • Picnic Areas 
  • Playground 
  • Lighted Tennis court
  • Volleyball

Click on any of the photos below to get a good look at the park if you’re considering going.

Favorite parts: I think what our 2 year old daughter and 5 year old puppy love best about Stonebridhe is the vastness of the space to run around. For you parents out there, I think you’ll appreciate the blue floor of the playground, which is made of some sort of rubbery material that is easy on the joints as you chase after your little one(s).

There is a parking lot, but there is also a stretch of road on the northside of the park that you park as well.

Location Address:
16000 S. Stonebridge Drive, Homer Glen, IL 60491


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