The scoop here is that the 1995 movei Sabrina will be discussed at the Tinley Park Public Library’s monthly Movie Discussion this Spring (April 10th to be exact, from 7 – 8 PM). Fittingly so because April in Paris is so well known in the zeitgeist—one of the best times to experience that famous city

You heard it here first. Check back in April to the library’s events page to easily add it to your digital calendar. It’ll be in the next Pathways magazine soon too.

The Spring Edition of Pathways Out as of February 14, 2024. Check out Sabrina on page 20.

I hope you’ll join me at the discussion because I will be bringing a rare copy of the original 1953 play upon which it is based, for attendees to gleam. And I’ll be on hand as a guest who can answer questions. Like how old is Sabrina supposed to be?

The movie discussion group at the Tinley Park Public Library is very new and has been growing in popularity over the last two years. It’s a program that new Director of the library Zach Musli brought over from his days at Director of Acorn Public Library District in Oak Forest, IL—where it too was a unique success too. So be sure to reserve your spot. So if you’ve been looking for movie buddies, this program is a perfect springboard to find them.

And just maybe, it will inspire you to go travel see what made April in Paris so famous.


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