Some of you might be familiar with the documentary The Last Blockbuster (2020), but even if you don’t, it got me wonder…are there any remaining video rental stores that aren’t Blockbusters?

In my search I found that the last national video rental chain, Family Video was recently been forced to call it quits earlier this year in January—the pandemic being the straw that broke the camel’s back (Pandemic Forces Family Video, America’s Last Video Rental Chain, to Close Its Doors).

But then I found a video rental store called Mokena Video, right here in the Chicago Southland! The loneranger it seems.

The store doesn’t have a website, just a Facebook page:, but that makes sense if that the owner is trying to save as much as possible.

“It all started from a dream of owning a record store back in the 80’s. The vision of a record store seemed somewhat bleak at that time. This led me to start searching for a new vision and a new opportunity. It didn’t take long to discover the excitement of the video store business. I saw the potential in this and on November 13, 1985 Mokena Video, Inc. was born! 

My vision started out small with only 650 movies and I was competing against 6 other video stores within a few miles of my store. I continued to grow the store and put more inventory on the shelves to provide more choices for my customers. We now have over 25000 titles, offering DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS and games to suit all of our customers needs. We strive at keeping the store a simple and enjoyable place to come with friends, family or just alone. We have seen three decades and have passed down tradition and memories to generations. It’s truly about family and extended family, we love our customers and YOU are what make Mokena Video, Inc. what it is today!

Bob Braeunig, Owner

Mokena Video needs customers to stay OPEN though, so if you want to preserve that spirit of a bygone era, here’s a chance.

11225 Front St Mokena, IL 60448

(708) 479-6616

E-mail: [email protected]

Open everyday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM (CST)


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