LoggerHead Tools – Social Media

I managed LoggerHead Tools LLC‘s brand presence on social media by developing strategies around engagement.

With an established mascot and reputation, what LoggerHead was lacking was an established social presence and engaged audience. My goals were to tend to their loyal base and attract new and relevant users.

Seasonal contests through Facebook and Twitter engaged users, but what kept their attention was a nuanced cross-platform social campaign that consisted of well planned and timed posts with memorable and fresh content. Also, prompt response times to social comments and inquiries helped earn audience trust and confidence in the brand. I worked closely with LoggerHead’s marketing project manager and IT manager on the different contests, graphics needs, and questions that I needed to triage.

Results: LoggerHead’s social presence is successfully and well established. Leads and sales are generated through social referral and engagement with the LoggerHead brand.

Facebook Page of LoggerHead Tools, Home of the Bionic Wrench

Use the hashtag #tinleyparkmoms to be featured and heard.

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