Exciting things happening with Orland Park playgrounds. After stumbling upon this sign at Cachey I looked up what the sign meant and found that many improvements are being made to several in the village.

Background on Orland Park for the New

For those new to the Chicago Southland, Orland Park is the major metropolis for the neighborhoods south of Oak Brook, north of Joliet, and west of South Holland. It has one of the flagship malls in the Midwest in addition to being an economic engine of the Chicago Southland. Orland Park’s location shaped its identity to a large extent.

Having La Grange Road run right through the whole stretch of it, north and south, and being so close to the exits of the major highways of the region and the country gives Orland Park the primest real estate a town in the Chicago Southland could ever ask for. Called the “crown jewel” or “jewel of the prairie” by local residents and visitors is not just for its acres of lush green destination golfing, but also for being a major economic engine as a shopping destination. And all of those facts aptly influenced the concept for the Village of Orland Park’s gemstone logo that was launched just a few years ago in 2016 too.

So you see it’s no surprise that a town like Orland Park would invest in so many improvements on a regular basis. From my own observations, the Village of Orland Park is always building, improving itself, and investing in its businesses and community. Those are good activities to see from a town; it shows a town that is always looking to be the best it can be for itself and others. I liken that quality to someone who is very good at maintaining a big garden.

And although some towns don’t have the revenue that Orland Park is lucky to generate, it’s important to point out that Orland Park also invests as much in areas that have nothing to do with generating more revenue, like playgrounds.

Playground renovations are planned for the following parks in Orland Park:

Bill Young, Cachey, Cameno Real, Discovery, Ishnala Woods, Marley Creek, Spring Creek Estates, Village Square and Wedgewood Estates Parks

The scope of work includes new playground equipment, accessibility improvements and site furniture (e.g. benches and picnic tables). Playground improvements focus on inclusive playground equipment that welcome kids and families of all abilities to learn, play and grow together.

These improvements were proposed at the Village of Orland Park Recreation Advisory Board’s neighborhood meeting, open to the public to comment within the guidelines of the meeting.

Beyond the playgrounds for the little ones, the other parts of the above listed parks will also receive the following additional improvements:

Pavilion Installations:

Cachey, Colonial, Heritage, Spring Creek Estates and Sunny Pine Parks

Stormwater Improvements:

Brown, Frontier and Spring Creek Estates Parks

For more information as it becomes available, bookmark Orland Park’s Public Works Department webpage: https://www.orlandpark.org/departments/public-works

You’ll also find on their webpage PDFs of renderings of what all the playgrounds are going to look like!


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