Our Love Story Through Digital Love Letters

I was so in love with my husband when we started dating that I decided to use the love story we were living as the subject of my first major project in grad school. I called it Love is in the Letter, a sort of reference to sayings like “the proof is in the pudding,” “true love is in the doing, not in the words,” and “the truth is in their eyes.” I created a teaser trailer for the promotino aspect of the project that showed how we used technology to stay in touch and engaged. Purposefully the trailer used our story to show how we shortened the feeling of living forty miles apart with our computers, smartphones, and fun messaging apps to create a fun and strong long-distance relationship. Here is the video trailer and Prezi presentation for those you who are curious:


Prezi Presentation of Love is in the Letter

That I should find love so young, I pinch myself because it all seems to have been too good to be true. And it still does to this day, almost five years down the road of marriage. I hope you found my video cute. By now everyone knows how to use digital media to keep love alive, but back in 2013 we were all still discovery all the ways to do so. What I love about my decision to tell our story through this school project is that now I can always look back and share it with our kids so they can see how young mommy and daddy fell in love. Even if it’s just for yourselves, I highly recommend creating a video to share your love story with future generations.


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