Tinley Junction Newspaper and Silver Cross Hospital Send Their Congrats In A Big Way

Tinley Park Mom Letter to the Editor 04062018
Tinley Park Mom’s Follow-Up with the Tinley Junction following the birth of ther daughter, April 12, 2018

Completely bowled over by the love from the Tinley Junction Newspaper and Silver Cross Hospital. Cody, the editor at the Junction thought it’d be great to get a follow-up perspective from me after my interview back in March, so I wrote a letter-to-the-editor style article for the Junction after my darling firstborn Eileah was born. Eileah even got a spot in the newspaper in the announcements section and then on social media both the Junction and the hospital where she was born showed their congratulations to us on social media. Everything goes down hill from here right? Nope, this is only the beginning of a great, magical journey with Eileah in our life.






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