Commuting into Chicago is going to be a whole lot chicer. LOCAL ONE Station will be opening at the Metra 80th Avenue Train Station, on the south side of the tracks, September 7, 2021. This was announced by HARP Management LLC Managing Director Daniel Fitzgerald last night on Facebook.

You can read my formal profile on Local 1 in the Chicago Tribunes Daily Southtown.

Follow Local One on Instagram @localonegastropub and check out its website:

“Many thanks to our partners The City of Tinley Park and The METRA rapid transit line.”

Daniel Fitzgerald

“Local One Station will be going through a very soft opening as we are ramping up through the end of Q-4. The operating hours at first will be 5:00 AM – 10:00 AM Monday through Friday, until the commuter traffic returns completely. We will however be doing private events any day and any time of the week. The first private event is Sunday September 12th.”

Daniel Fitzgerald

Formerly Parmesans was the restaurant inside of the Tinley Park 80th Avenue Station.

Who Is Daniel Fitzgerald?

Daniel Fitzgerald is someone you should know if you’re in the Illinois and Midwest tourism industry. I have personally worked with him on the Village of Tiney Park’s Marketing and Branding Commission—for which he is the Chairman.

His contributions to the local economy come in part from an impressive background.

Hailing from Saratoga, New York (where his mom still lives in the same house her grew up in), Daniel went on to be trained by some of the best hoteliers in the industry. After many years in prestigious hotels (like The Plaza Hotel in New York, to The Arizona Biltmore, RIHGA Royal Hotel New York and The Hay-Adams in Washington DC) Daniel brought his know-how to Tinley Park.

Most recently (during a pandemic no less!), Daniel was part of the ownership team leading the $10 million conversion and revitalizion of the new EVEN Hotel Chicago, which connects to the Tinley Park Convention Center (of which he is also Managing director). The new hotel was nominated by for a 2021 Stella Award in the Best Hotel Renovation (Midwest) category.

But not only did he and his team bring the EVEN HOTEL to being miraculously during the COVID-19 global pandemic, at the August 2, 2021 Tinley Park Marketing Commission meeting, the Village’s Director of Marketing (Donna Framke) informed commissioners that despite the pandemic, Tinley Park hotels saw no financial impact in 2020.

The Tinley Park EVEN Hotel is the first EVEN Hotel in Illinois. EVEN Hotels is a hotel brand concept created by InterContinental Hotels Group in 2012 to create a hotel marketed to serve travelers’ holistic wellness needs.

In his time at the Tinley Park Convention Center he has served on the Board of the Southland Chamber of Commerce, is currently Board Chair Emeritus of the Southland Convention Bureau and is the Commission Chair of the Marketing and Branding Commission of Tinley Park. He also served on the Brand Development Team back when Tinley Park was working on its rebrand in 2015-2017. Fitzgerald’s résumé is breathtaking, give it a look on LinkedIn if you don’t believe.


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