Shop Play Win Monopoly Jewel Osco Cancelled

In case you were wondering why you’re not seeing Monopoly at Jewel yet. Coupons in the New broke the story and reports:

“Unfortunately, we will not be offering the Monopoly game this year in our stores,” an Albertsons spokesperson confirmed without offering any specifics about why. But a customer service representative elaborated, and suggested that the game was taking a break this year for some much-needed retooling. “The management team has decided to cancel the Monopoly game this year due to complications playing it on full digital,” the representative explained. “We understand that some customers are not able to play the game, since they don’t have any means to log in to their account. With that said, we would like to look forward to the following year to have the game back just like before.”

In other words, Albertsons is well aware that a lot of people who once eagerly awaited the annual contest, kind of hated it last year.

The article goes on to detail the history of the Monopoly themed grocery store game, which began modestly in 2009, and shopper’s feelings about last year’s game change over to a completely digital format through the Shop, Play, Win Monopoly app.

Personally, I liked how much easier it was to play last year through the app. Simply scanning those tickets made it faster to keep track and instantly eliminate duplicates, which was such a time saver. When I was done scanning the barcode on each ticket, I environmentally friendly shred them and no longer needing to store them until the end of the game. Through the app you could also enter extra contests, using those points earned from your tickets.

But the digital way of playing the game takes the charm away from the classic touch and feel of a board game— those paper tickets made you feel a little bit more accomplished because they were tangible and real, like the golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Here’s hoping the Monopoly Grocery Game comes back.


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